American Legion

Put your name on all items!


Sports Equipment
Softball glove/bat
Running Shoes
Tennis racket and tennis balls

Waiver of Claim
Must be filled out, dated and signed by parent/guardian prior to arrival at registration.

Standard Rules of Conduct
Must be signed by delegate and parent/guardian prior to arrival at registration.

School Official Reference Form
Must be filled out and signed by a school official with access to the potential delegate’s disciplinary file

Camera (Optional)
Musical Instrument
Notebook, pens, pencils
Drafting tools & supplies
Drawing supplies
Laundry Detergent
Poster Supplies (for campaign signs)
Campaign Materials

Pillow & Pillow case
Sheets for single bed

Toilet Articles
Face Towels
Soap and Shampoo
Bath Towels

Dress Shorts
Gym Shorts & T-Shirts for Sports
Tennis Shoes
Rubber Cleats (optional)
Pants/Slacks (optional)
Underwear & Socks
Swim Suit (optional)

Extra Money
Registration fee covers all costs except for additional Boys State t-shirts ($6 each) and/or money to wash &dry shirts nightly. MSU has a snack bar and vending machines available.

One Addressed Stamped Envelope
Every delegate will write a thank-you note to his sponsor.

What Not To Bring
Valuables, jewelry, excess amount of extra money, tobacco products, any item without your name on it, pornography, bad attitude, racial prejudice, sexist or racial jokes, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, weapons of any kind, fireworks, ignorance.Type your paragraph here.